The Church of the Laodiceans, in Revelation Chapter three, is considered by record Bible students to be messenger of the Church of the second life before the emotional state. In the 21st poetry of that section we read, "To him who overcomes I will compromise to sit beside Me on My throne, as I besides overcame and sat lint with My Father on His throne."

As we go into Revelation section 4, we read of John human being caught up in a daydream to the chair legroom of the universe in Heaven. V2. As we read on in the chapter, we travel cross-town elders and conscious creatures. I deem we can determine the people creatures by scrutiny their notes beside the creatures mentioned in Isaiah section 6. Both descriptions are outstandingly similar, and Isaiah calls them seraphim.

The Elders I reflect are known by the descriptions given in Revelation chapters 4 & 5.

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I account them here:

1. Clothed in achromatic robes. V4

2. Crowns upon their heads. V4 (note: not imperial crowns- Gk. diadema- but victor's crowns-Gk. stephanos.

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3. These crowns are rewards for Victors! They are comparable to the incorruptible crown 1Cor. 9 25-27. The symbol of elated 1Thess. 2 19-20. Crown of enthusiasm. Rev. 2:10. Crown of morality. 2 Tim. 4:8. Crown of honor. 1 Pet. 5. 2-4 having standard these crowns, the elders essential have just been to the opinion seat of Christ! 2 Cor. 5:10.

4. They read out their rescue finished the Blood of Jesus Christ. Rev. 5:9

There are other than clues to their identity, which I shall not go into here.

If we measure up all the Scriptural evidence, I judge in that is lonesome one horde of general public that fit the description, The true Church of Jesus Christ, having been raptured to Heaven! As Revelation 4 follows on from the end of the Church age in chapter 3, the attendance of the Church, in Heaven, at the establishment of the Tribulation in section 6, added proves the impartiality of the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.

My friends, example is short, Jesus is upcoming soon! The lonesome way to be equipped for that excellent day is to locomote to Him, atone of our sins and ask Him into our lives as our Saviour and Lord.



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