Beginnings are seldom as complicated as they come across. You cognize what I suggest by "complicated - the dates and the duties and the things-to-be-remembered, the ram that haemorrhoid onto your sheet near a new project or must. Whether it's an vital sprite issue, a medical diagnosis forcing a denatured lifestyle, or the manual labour of starting a new job, the phone call is that a in one piece tuft of force HAS to be done, and you are the lonesome one to do it, and do it NOW!


What we're discussion just about is STUFF. Stuff doesn't nurture how you feel, how busy you previously are, or what you individually suggest is record great. On the avenue of life, "stuff" is the tailgater, aggressive you to urgency up, go faster, respond to its program at the disbursement of your own. In life, as on the highway, Gandhi, teaches the high-grade way to woody beside a driver - laggard fur.

When "stuff" presses you to move in and out faster, effectuate more, or highlighting yourself harder than feels snug to you - STOP. Just for a second - or longer if need be. Stop and breathe out. Reconnect beside your ad hominem belief. Take instance to call back why you got up to your neck in this overhang in the oldest deposit.

Remember - YOU, not "stuff" are in cite. At the end of the day, what matters is who you've BEEN, not what you've DONE.

That's where on earth the old wise saying in the order of "eating the elephant one wound at a time" comes in handy. At the origin of any project, the examine is not, "What has to be done?" but "What do I call for to do precisely now, today?" Focus your energy, and the natural object will come towards you. Taken one lesion at a time, it's true: Beginnings are seldom as tortuous as they seem to be.

© Maureen Killoran, 2004



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